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Business Integrity

The financial services industry has been taking a bit of battering over the last few years with executives of leading institutions behaving in a way that goes way beyond greed and moral responsibility. The actions of the few have tainted the majority of people who work in financial services that operate with a high degree of ethics and work hard to attain their rewards.  The Geko effect has been growing in the markets over many years and the banks created an environment where a lack of business integrity and ethical values were rewarded beyond reason. The banks were also not prepared to take an ethical stance when confronted with business opportunities that increased their profits and appeased their shareholders.

How does the finance industry begin to rebuild its integrity and bring back the ethical nature that was once a given. The Securities and Investment Institute (SII) has today put the first brick back into the ethical wall with its personalised Integrity Matters initiative.

This is a new e-learning product. The matter of integrity can now be tested by the individual accessing this module and answering the questions.

The Securities & Investment Institute (SII) pose the question, "Do you make ethical decisions?" and it might be initially fun for people to test themselves but also enlightening and may be a first step back to old world ethical and integrity values. The Integrity Matters workshop is available free for SII members with this link


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