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Which companies are adopting Node.js and improve their productivity

As per the survey, the most popular web framework for web app development is Node.js. The demand of node.js developers is more as compared to that of PHP developers. Now, most of the companies are shifting their interest in Node.js development of implementing web apps. They now hire dedicated Node.js Developers to have a robust platform. 

In this article, we will discuss in-depth about Node.js. We will clarify the reasons which are compelling the companies to choose this platform. But before going ahead let's have some brief information. 

Defining Node.js:

It is defined as an open-source cross-platform that executes the JavaScript code outside the web browser. For the real-time web applications like Audio and Video streaming this platform is ideal. 

Key Benefit of Node.js:

Node.js is offering many benefits in terms of quality end product. Some of the merits of using it are as follows:

  • Offering high performance for real-time applications
  • Make the scalability easy for modern applications
  • It's not complicated and easy to learn
  • Help in achieving the customized requirements
  • The cross-platform applications could be easily implemented.
  • With the help of quick caching, the loading time also reduces

Reason to choose Node.js by famous companies:

The production challenges are solved out by Node.js. By adopting this platform most of the famous companies have experienced the loading time saving up to 60%. Additionally, cutting down on the development cost, good developer productivity, and high app performance are the other reasons to compel companies to hire Node.js programmers. 

Top 9 companies which use Node.js are as follows:

1. Netflix:

Netflix was trying to improve the interface loading speed and user experience. Earlier it was a JAVA backend which brings poor user wait times. There was a workload on developers while dealing with the errors. To overcome this problem this company then decided to shift to Node.js to hike the performance. It seeks for the Node.js Development Company and adopts it. 

2. Trello:

The team of Trello was looking for a lightweight server which could offer a good loading time. The quick prototyping was achieved with Node.js Also it offers zero-latency due to server interaction facility. The prototyping and development time was also reduced to a great level. 

3. NASA:

Earlier the scientist of NASA was facing difficulty to access the database. It was slow. With the help of Node.js, the data records were spread to the different locations which were collected by spacesuits. NASA’s space mission data is soiled in the sealed database which was hard to sort and query. 

The time needed to access the data was also improved by 300% which was the biggest achievement. This aeronautic company hire dedicated Node.js programmers to achieve the best result.

4. PayPal:

To make the digital payment PayPal is the most widely used platform worldwide. Earlier just like Netflix, it was using JAVA which resulted in reducing the loading time and other issues. In 2013, the company then shifted to Node.js from Java and it was the first company to do so.

5. Uber:

Uber holds an important tag and reputation in the taxi riding apps. This company also adopted Node.js for making the ride processing easy. Forgiving the best taxi service this company hire dedicated software development team. This platform was the perfect fit for this company because there are millions of concurrent requests which this company receives. 

For the perfect and smooth-riding operation, Node.js proved to be like a boon. The Node.js reduces the management overheads and hikes the connectivity. It is because it's having 600 stateless endpoints which are based on Node.js. 

6. Walmart:

The most famous eCommerce platform is also not behind in using Node.JS to serve its customers it hire a dedicated mobile app development team. But the performance was not up to the mark. The e-commerce sites are always sought for better user experience.

After integrating Node.js, the company was able to attract about 80 million users in one month. One of the main benefits of this platform is that the team was able to push the updates fast as compared to an earlier time.

7. Twitter:

One of the most famous social media platforms was also looking for performance improvement. After adopting Node.js it has achieved a great improvement in its loading speed which gets to 5 seconds. 

On the other hand, the design and development speed also increases. With the help of Node.JS, the company was able to get Twitter Lite. It was cheaper to maintain than Twitter Mobile and Twitter Desktop.

8. eBay:

eBay is another famous company which uses Node.js. It is another company which shifted to Node.js from the Java-based architecture. For this purpose, the company extend dedicated development team. 

It was looking for a lighter runtime which was not available in the JAVA. The website was slow due to disparity between the back end and front end. 

The benefit of adopting the Node.js is that without burdening the infrastructure, the company was able to give a massive number of specific micro services.

9. Medium: 

One of the widely used platforms for content marketing is the company which speeds up the content process using node.js. It also provides a smooth transition to enhance the user experience. 

It is now possible to process large images and content with the help of Node.js. 


There are so many companies which are moving towards Node.js to remove the shortcomings. Now you might be curious to know whether this platform is ideal for everyone. Well if the company is facing the issue with the current scenario and platform then it is good to switch. 

It will offer better technology to improve the operation. But it is advisable to go with the best developers. This will be like a cherry on the cake to avail the fruitful result.

Author Bio: 

Shahid Mansuri Co-founder Peerbits, one of the leading offshore development team provider. With his guidance many companies extend their team by Hire Offshore Remote Teams from Peerbits for their complex and customized projects. His years of hardwork, dedication, and experience has helped him in developing profound expertise for a wide array of technologies, tools, and platforms. He believes in sharing his strong knowledge base with learned concentration on entrepreneurship and business.


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