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UnBanking the Banked

Time to stop the monkey see, monkey do nonsense.

The idea of money started with rocks to seashells to gold to paper notes. This has been the greatest magic illusionary trick ever. The system of money is based on our belief that it is real because the banks have conditioned us to believe it is.

They have done a good job diverting our attention to the unfortunate two billion who are unbanked. The truth is that they don’t care about the unbanked except as a new source of revenue. The banks would be pleased to put a debt burden on the unbanked - many of whom earn a few hundred dollars a month or less. The banks dream about making 5% to 20% from the very people who can ill afford it.

The unbanked do not need banks. The banked do not need banks. 

Unbanking the banked is about looking at how the banks have taken control of our lives and our money. The banks tempt us with easy credit and mortgages for homes, cars and other things that we could not afford. This has sentenced all of us to a lifetime of paying debt. The more credit we get the more we use. We no longer care that interest on this credit costs us 10, 20, and 30 percent. People who earn good incomes are living paycheck to paycheck just to service their debts.

They trap us like wild pigs. To catch wild pigs, you start by putting food out, the pigs come. Then you put up one side of fencing, then another side until all you need to do is close the gate. The pigs start to realize that they are trapped but more food is thrown in and they go back to eating. This is the same way banks have always treated people.

The ongoing impact of COVID-19 on people’s financial lives is devastating. When before they could make payments, now they cannot. Millions globally have lost their jobs and millions more are on reduced incomes as their employers no longer have the revenues they once did. People have defaulted on their debts, causing their credit scores to take massive hits. In the future, there will be a re-scoring due to the numbers of people making them eligible to receive credit again.

How have the banks treated this? Well, let me put it this way. It is terrible when bad things happen through no fault of your own and you can count on the banks to make your life worse. Banks have increased their collection efforts everywhere they legally can. They have reduced your credit lines and closed your accounts; despite that you are current and have never been late. They have reduced the amounts you can withdraw from the ATM and decreased the limits on what you can transfer and spend.

The funniest part is that when you question this, the bank always says that this is for your protection; as if they are concerned about you. No, it is for the bank’s protection. Your financial partner has stabbed you in the back when you need them most. They lie to you to protect their profits. Worse yet, they are dictating how much, when and what you can do with your money.

Unbanking the banked is how people today can gain financial freedom to use your funds anytime you need. Unbanking will give you the freedom to send or receive payment from anywhere and without the permission from the banks. It is amazing that we have passively given away our right to the cash we earn as we exchange our time for money.

Top management at banks know that their troubles are just starting. Their focus is on how to keep our money in their banks. They are studying new ways to subtly make it more difficult for money to move. They do this because all that easy credit given out is coming back to haunt them. They know that they are in for a rough ride going forward. Of course, they are not really worried. They know that they will get bailed out by the politicians. This has been done before, courtesy of us taxpayers.

Unbanking can be done today. It’s not 2008 when there were no alternatives. Today there are clear alternatives that enable us to control our hard-earned funds.

You don’t have far to look for an answer. The cryptocurrency market offers a sleek solution through the digitalization of value. You have controllability of value through ownership. We were deceived into believing that we controlled our banked money. This control gives you the power to make your own unrestricted financial decisions.

Cryptocurrency offers decentralized ownership structure and unique fundraising models. This reduces geopolitical risks and banks restrictions. Cryptocurrency has become the go-to place for tech-savvy people to increase and use their wealth.

The quiet growth of digital money transmission services has begun. Many companies accept cryptocurrencies as payment for their goods and services. The future will begin the inevitable introduction of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). They will become a familiar part of tomorrow’s global financial system.

Conversely, traditional banks seem to be on their way out. They have focused on the bottom line of profitability while failing to develop the services and returns their customers want. Banks as we know them now might not exist in the future. But they too, might evolve into something different.

Good news, there’s a trustless hedge in cryptocurrency. Human progress today is about capital accumulation and technology. Cryptocurrency is the coming together of both.

Unbanking the banked is the path for protecting your capital accumulation through the technology of cryptocurrency. Starting tomorrow you can be financially free.

Unbanking, let’s start today!


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