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COVID 19 Impact On Field Service Industry

The harsh COVID-19 impact is very much visible on a global scale. The pandemic has changed how we work for the foreseeable future, and the field services industry is no exception. In-spite of “appliance services” being classified under “essential services”, service contractors may not want their technicians to visit service locations to offer services (as it may further add to the spread of pandemic).

This has created a need for a new and improved service offering medium that independent service providers (field service providers) can adopt to offer their services while keeping everyone “safe”. It must ensure customers and technicians are healthy and safe.

Several guidelines have already been issued by the government to grapple against the impact of COVID19. Let’s have a look at the suggestions that field service organizations may adopt to ensure the flow of services to the clients keep safety as the foremost concern.

Prioritizing safety with PPE kits

It is worth noting that field service is a people business and the safety of employees and customers has to come first. So, it is important to determine which services are critical to client-site and which services can wait. Also, the delivery of these services should only be offered after the field technicians are geared with proper safety kits. This would include offering PPE kits, information on the shortest travel route, and expected duration of repair.

New paradigms

COVID19 has made companies realize a whole new reality. As a result of the same, many field services organizations are embracing the work from home culture. This is a way forward to reduce site visits in order to minimize human-to-human contact. Companies have now started to work with limited resources because of travel and several other restrictions. Many companies are now investing in tools and techniques that could ensure safety of both the parties. Hence, it is the right time for every field service company to change their working model so that they don’t lack behind.

Visual Assistance

Video technology can be the game-changing tool for companies to overcome the challenge of COVID19 for service delivery. The concept of remote assistance could be implemented to overcome the visual gap that traditional service delivery still faces. With this technique, everyone could be put on the same page.

Onsite support

In some cases, onsite support cannot be avoided owing to the nature of field service work. In such events, it is important for companies that they incorporate social distancing into the process. This is also important for the company to keep a safe distance between customers and the technicians throughout the visit.

In Conclusion

Today the world is going through a tough situation. Every business is fighting against the pandemic in order to plan new ways that could revive the business. The condition of field service organizations is no different. However, some companies have already adopted new strategies so that they could survive successfully against all odds.


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