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DR sites for traders. A disaster in themselves and not appropriate

As discussed previously the requirement for social distancing was coming and now the lockdown has exposed the problems for traders and brokers that now need to work from home while trying to communicate with numerous trading counterparties simultaneously

I have been speaking to current clients and those we have reached out to with our Mi Turret soft touch tehnology and hearing instances of DR sites not being fit for purpose due to lack of equipment and almost made redundant overnight as work from home rules are imposed. I heard of one big British bank scouring the market for used IPC turrets for DR sites. Of course these can't be taken home. Im also hearing of soft turret solutions that are fine for the office but require what is now difficult implementation for home use.

I have heard of a trader working from home on 2 mobiles and a home phone as well, as he didnt want to go to a DR site that he thought would not be open long in anycase. Cumbersome and expensive.  Now with goverment directives to work from home ,trading will have to stop or accept rapid change. Of course the 1st option brings global trade to a shuddering halt so not an option.

We installed a server in a new client last Thursday and replicated BT hard turret profiles for 20 traders accessing their global private wires. They were up and running by Monday morning and were delighted.

The big banks it seems, continue to lean on their traditional providers but more nimble and astute trading and broking shop are exploring opportunities. We have suddenly become very busy and lead times are expected to increase. Those who hesitate could be waiting a while for their providers to repond to their needs adequately if at all.

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