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Trader Voice Goes Domestic! Big firms fluster while others move quickly

02 Apr 2020

As restrictions on working from anywhere but home tighten trading operations are moving at different operational speeds with varying degrees of success. It was a very quick transition from office, to DR facility, to home. People had families, schooling, medical issues and all the other considerations we now know we need to live in isolation. Under...


DR sites for traders. A disaster in themselves and not appropriate

24 Mar 2020

As discussed previously the requirement for social distancing was coming and now the lockdown has exposed the problems for traders and brokers that now need to work from home while trying to communicate with numerous trading counterparties simultaneously I have been speaking to current clients and those we have reached out to with our Mi Turret sof...


Are disaster recovery sites able to offer an an adequate solution for voice traders? Consider DRAAS

10 Mar 2020

We are now seeing trading operations planning for separating key teams such as JP Morgan moving some to Basingstoke. I have spoken to a few others in the decision phase. The question is for trading operations. Do you have the voice trading facilities you need at those sites and what happens if someone contracts the virus there anyway? Traders need...


The impact of COVID-19 on voice trading continuity

07 Mar 2020

It’s arrived in Europe and and now proliferating in Britain. As the true impact of the Covid-19 virus on the global economy continues to unfold, the financial markets have already taken a big hit, as evidenced by tumbling stock markets the world over. Whilst most firms can operate effectively for a while by encouraging home working and ‘social dis...