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Android - it sounds like something you should avoid

The iphone was an innovation. It was really different in feel and function to previous handsets. The Android doesn't appear to be such a great leap forward. Google's new Android phone has met with mixed reception.One quote which stuck with me:

'The only thing they want to control is the kernel of the operating system and the ability to data mine for search and advertising down the road.'

Does this mean it's an extention of the Chrome spyware browser into the handset?

The kernel is the core. Everything that goes on in the phone is accessible from the kernel.

How will this sit with internet banking, transactions and private information?

Will your customers be bombarded with ads from a rival bank after they ring up and enquire about a mortgage? Will the advertiser know what you've quoted?

The more suspicious of you may be thinking - what about voice? Most phones are capable of voice recognition - will the google phone listen to everything you say like google reads your Gmail to target adverts at you?

I for one don't really want my phone interupting me incessantly spruiking the benefits of every business I walk past, and certainly not reacting to every keyword I use in a conversation.

There are a lot of questions to be anwered before I could recommend anyone buying an Android. Leave them the geeks for a while. Until Google makes it absolutely clear and without an elastic End User Agreement, the Android would be something I'd definitely avoid.

One thing is for certain, if it has anything like the original Chrome user agreement it's toast.


p.s. the voice thing isn't that far fetched - remember last year we had a spyware application called FlexiSpy which was able to monitor e-mails, text messages and even record voice conversations and send them to a third party from most Symbian based phones (not mine). Retina-X Studios also marketed Mobile Spy for employers to spy on their staff and it was full of exploitable flaws.

If you are reading this then Step 1 of my plan is complete!

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