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Megatrends - what will they mean for my organisation?

My top 5:

1. Climate crisis awareness growing exponentially. Overconsumption and overpopulation (5 billion! more than 70 years ago) on everybody's mind. This will force enterprises to change fast. Owners are also seeing the challenge. Investors move huge sums to sustainable alternatives. Politicians unfortunately still fishing votes in the muddiest waters.

2. Attention span dramatically reducing due to information overflow. Need for new ways to bring solutions to citizens life events. GDPR and MyData (from public and private sources) creating base for next generation service design (AI aided recommendations) and the real time data driven economy.

3. Dramatic and accelerating tech speed. Technology allows everything and everybody has a smart phone. Ignore it at your peril. 

4. Understanding that we need public-private networking to create the ecosystems (standards, open interfaces, data sharing models, rule books and governance) to deliver the productivity and service improvement promised. More and better regulation is needed. 

5. Personalised learning for everyone - to understand society (kill populism - save democracy) and worklife (new work = learning together > renaissance of humaneness..)

Population growing older, political populism and the democracy crisis are strong candidates as well.

What will these mean for our organisation? 

1. Ask all staff to update the top 5 list every 4 months and keep track of top 10. What are the most important for our organisation and for me?

2. How does these affect our mission - towards customers and society at large? Empower, weaken or need to change focus?

3. Can we learn and deliver the solutions alone? Is the ecosystem in place? Who should we work together with? What is our role (fronting, orchestrating, selling, data provider, logistics, manufacturing, advising..)?

4. What are the concrete steps we can take now? To-do lists. Are they on the top of all meeting agendas?

5. Who is in charge of what? Can all see the progress?

6. What is my contribution - learning and doing?





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