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Post holiday reading - Digital DNA and Metadata Cleaning

Enthusiasm for the post holiday reading pile is normally considerably less than the gleeful anticipation of packing those paperbacks for reading in sunnier climes, as I am sure you will agree..... A pleasant and rewarding surprise, then (at least in my world!) to return to a 'straight to the point' article on Digital DNA and the dangers of accidental metadata leakage from Fran Howarth, Principle Analyst at Quocirca.

To quote a key section:

"Although the problems with metadata have long been known about by technologists, today's highly regulated environment and the sensitive nature of much of the information produced by organisations are elevating the issue to the business level. Now more than ever there is a need for organisations to ensure that they have systems in place to control the information that they hold-including metadata that can be used to prove when documents were created, stored, searched and retrieved. In practice, the best defence is a layered strategy, including employee education, technology tools such as metadata cleaning or mining software, and policies defining the responsibilities of staff when handling documents."

Business as usual for me; delighted to see an independent analyst talking the same language.



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