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Women in fintech?

Recently I got invited to the event named this way. It is not the first time I hear such names or topics, but I guess I blacked it out of memory.

It disturbs me deeply. “Women in fintech” sounds just as ridiculous as “Men in fintech”, or “Dogs in engineering”. Like wow, you are women, and you are in fintech. Congrats on that! You got job! That is an achievement. For a woman, apparently! I think it ruins the equality point completely.

Perhaps, this quasi-feminist focus is not so annoying for US and EU citizens, used to fighting all kinds of bias, while developing new ones on the way. It actually does make sense for the countries where it is still a huge issue. But for me as a lucky Russian girl, it’s straightforward weird.

I have never seen a modern internet business in Russia or in Asia that would be all male. I did see all women top management quite a lot, or male personal assistants to female bosses. There are strong and emotionally mature women, and there are weak and bitchy men. Gender just don’t matter.

I grew up in the country where women were doing all the house work, farming, laid train tracks, nursed babies, and worked out math problems at research labs. Where most finances are managed by women, both at home and at work. Where there is no job a woman would not do.

Isn’t the very meaning of gender equality is to NOT point out the gender?


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