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Four Creative Ways To Finance Your Industrial Tech Startup

Getting the finances together to start your own company or business can be very tricky. And, it’s likely your specialties lie in the technological side of the business, as supposed to stressing over the marketing and financial sections.

Well, you'll be happy to know there are several creative ways to finance your industrial tech startup. Whether you have a new state-of-the-art idea or just want to run your own industrial or tech firm, there are a variety of options for you.

As an example, turbomolecular pumps, typically referred to as turbo pumps are a type of vacuum pumps that use rapidly spinning blades to achieve and maintain a vacuum. The spinning blades give gas momentum in the desired direction, using multistage pressure increment to induce and maintain a high vacuum. While this technology has been in existence for years, the setup and maintenance of these systems may require capital. As expected, there are plenty of technological developments expected in the vacuum pump market going forward. A company like Provac who sells and services turbo pumps continues to stay at the cutting edge of these advancements.

You are not limited to going through a tense loan application with high-interest rates when looking into the following channels.


Thanks to the magic of the internet, you can put some effort into crowdfunding. And while it is a very popular way for startups to gain capital without repayment responsibilities, it is not a platform for easy money. The people who invest in your industrial tech startup are expecting something in return. And instead of money, they might want discount prices for special products you create or distribute.

It is up to you to figure out how you can reward those who donate to your startup. Seeing as you don't need to repay the money, the least you can do is present some type of incentive. You will also need to create traffic for the funding page if you want any type of donation to come. Plus, your presentation needs to be good.  

Approach Investors

A more conventional method would be to look for potential investors. In other words, you want to rub shoulders with people who can provide financial support in return for equity in your industrial tech startup. Of course, it is not the best move to give away equity so early in the game, but acquiring investment capital may not come with the financial burden associated with taking out a loan.

However, if you plan on approaching investors, you need to have your facts together. This means getting a business model in place, which can easily be conveyed to influential individuals. If investors are not convinced by your pitch, they are not going to make the investment.  

Speak To Friends To Family

If you have family or friends who always wanted to invest in a business, why not talk to them about your industrial tech startup? There is no reason why you can't explore all your options, especially if it means you can avoid high-interest rate loans. But is recommended to keep things professional. Given that business and personal relationships can get complex, establishing ground rules first. 

Use Smaller Ventures

If you look deeper online, you will come across several ways to generate an #mce_temp_url#extra income. For example, affiliate marketing, selling ebooks, running a blog; these are things you can do without having to spend any type of money. In other words, you are looking at 100% profit for services delivered, and you can put this money towards your industrial tech startup.

It is not going to be easy to just gather the money. If it was, everyone would be starting their own companies. But if you are determined enough and if you make smart choices, good things tend to happen.



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