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Blockchain and Supply Chain: It's More than Anti-Counterfeit

A growing number of posts and articles describe how blockchain impacts supply chain operations. This is all but good news for a technology that was doomed to be the exclusive domain of cryptocurrencies.

I note, however, that the overarching message that blockchain serves supply chain management operations to avoid counterfeiting or food sophistication is rather limiting. Certainly correct, but limiting. Those in charge of supply chain management are aware that the discipline does not just care about tracking the goods to avoid food or commercial frauds.

Planning of supplies, sales, and production; the management of procurement plans and inventory levels; production policies (e.g., make-to-stock, make-to-order, engineer-to-order, outsourcing); the decision of where to allocate production centers, warehouses, distribution centers; transport and delivery planning; the contribution to optimizing the working capital of the company are just some of the attention points of the supply chain manager.

The truth is that blockchain applications and related use cases are already clear for each of these areas of responsibility. If of interest, I will be happy to share some with the readers.



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