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8 Ways To Recognize Small Accomplishments

To ensure your employees succeed, I suggest the following plan for recognizing and rewarding small accomplishments:


Publicly Recognize Your Hard-Working Employees

Perception and optics matter. Recognize achievements, celebrate milestones, and strengthen bonds by publicly acknowledging small wins. Create a culture that is built for future success.


Make The Relationship With Your Employees Personal!

86 percent of employees who receive strong performance recognition say they have a strong relationship with their direct managers. Only 46 percent of employees who receive weak recognition say the same. 76 percent of managers who recognize their employees’ performance more than once a month report having good relationships with their direct reports.


Recognize Each Individual Employee For Their Individual Talents

Often times, employees are so caught up comparing themselves to others that they don’t even see themselves for the stars they are. Highlighting their unique talents will improve employee confidence and pride. Individual incentives and recognition are more important--and effective--than group rewards. While recognizing group accomplishments are also important, an individual's contributions should not be overlooked.


Track Daily Performance

Don’t just keep track of end-of-year stats; offer feedback and recognition daily to your employees. Keeping track of their accomplishments and journey on a daily basis can be a great motivator.


Create An Employee Incentive Program

Properly structured programs can increase employee performance by as much as 44 percent. Incentives improve employee retention, cut down on turnover, increase productivity and performance, and make a big deal with your bottom line. Offer your employees real, tangible rewards to ensure their commitment, and to make them remember that you care. Branded incentive programs are a great way to motivate your staff and increase efficiency.


Keep Rewards Separate From Regular Pay

Don’t lump bonuses or rewards in with regular pay, because it can be too easy for it to then just feel like “part of the job.” Make recognition of small wins stand out!


Healthy Recognition = Healthy Body

According to the Greater Good Science Center at the University of California, Berkeley, some of the benefits of consistently practicing gratitude include: Stronger immune system, lower blood pressure, more restful sleep, more joy, optimism, and happiness, more generosity and compassion, and feeling more alert and awake, among others.


Stay Positive

Negative reinforcement creates a negative atmosphere. Regardless of whether you are celebrating small wins with a financial incentive or not, make sure your management style is positive. Be a leader, and your employees will follow.





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