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Custom fit: getting the most out of your tech

The rate of innovation taking place today is enough to make any business feel permanently caught in a hamster wheel; trying to keep up with the latest trends to stay relevant. From small businesses to large enterprises, introducing anything new into a company can be a painful process. But if done right, it’s highly rewarding.

The problem is, the hamster wheel means that businesses feel constantly under pressure to move onto the next “big thing“. There is a tendency for them to implement new technology and then quickly move on to the next project. Often, they’re then left feeling disappointed with the impact of that new piece of technology because just winding it up and expecting it to deliver isn’t enough. Businesses need to ensure that there is a dedicated team focusing on getting the most out of what is probably quite a significant investment. They need to consider the wider implications and success factors, such as people and processes.

Business need to look at how the technology will impact and benefit everyone, not just the IT team. It also needs to consider how it will integrate with existing workflows and procedures that are currently in place. Time is a luxury for today’s businesses so doing all of that whilst continuing with the day to day jobs can be difficult. Which is why working with a partner who can manage a project from start to finish and ensure that it delivers can be a game changer.  

A new technology implementation is like a cycle race. Racing cyclists are decked out head to toe in the latest gear, accompanied by a highly technologically-advanced, custom-built bicycle built for precision and speed. The cyclist themselves are passionate and highly trained, knowledgeable about the course and the competition. They work together to be the best that they can be and to win the race. But without the rider, the bike is just a bike.

It’s the same in business. A company must be in the best shape possible, adapting processes and training people where needed to ensure that they can use new technology to its full advantage. Without that, the technology will sit there, having only the most basic impact or even no impact at all. For many businesses today, what they lack is time and skills – neither of which are easy to come by within existing internal teams.

In the pro peloton, the rider is supported by a group of team-mates and a huge support team, working tirelessly throughout the races to help achieve the best result possible. Building a long-term, working relationship with a partner, who has the skills and time to help the business through the entire journey of a new technology implementation is highly rewarding. By providing ongoing support, the partner can help the business start small, delivering immediate benefits, and then over time expanding the reach and impact of the investment to benefit other areas of the business. They are there to help figure out where to start, carrying out pilots to get an idea of any issues or unexpected benefits, from what the design and build should look like through to carrying out regular health-checks to ensure everything is working well.

It’s hard enough wading through all the technology solutions out there to find the best one, let alone achieving the promised benefits of the technology once you’ve invested in it. Businesses need to surround themselves with the best technology implementation partner possible to ensure that they’re reaping the rewards from their technology investments. As we know, in today’s digital age, technology can be the game changer for businesses looking to come out on top and win the race.


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