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Financial services businesses are not prepared for tech disruption

28 Jan 2019

Now, more than a decade on from the events of 2008, the finance industry is far from settled. It’s chaos at the speed of the digital era. In fact, the next five years are set to be just as dynamic as the previous ten – filled with challenges and disruption but equally, presenting opportunities for those that navigate the period well. The sector is...



Custom fit: getting the most out of your tech

20 Sep 2018

The rate of innovation taking place today is enough to make any business feel permanently caught in a hamster wheel; trying to keep up with the latest trends to stay relevant. From small businesses to large enterprises, introducing anything new into a company can be a painful process. But if done right, it’s highly rewarding. The problem is, the h...


The connected future of fintech

03 Sep 2018

Between 2010 and 2015, the financial services industry changed drastically. In just those five years, four of today’s most successful fintech companies were launched; namely Stripe, Revolut, Starling Bank and Monzo. These launches all had one thing in common; putting the customer at the centre of the operation, untied to legacy or history. Fast fo...


Zero-based budgeting - a great idea, one step at a time

02 Aug 2016

Zero-based budgeting (ZBB) is a cost management approach adopted by many businesses, especially in the consumer goods sector. It allows companies to reduce unnecessary costs, increase profits, and maximise shareholder value. It’s no secret that ZBB is often associated with acquisitions or firms positioning themselves for a sale. As a result, it’s o...