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Low cost way to 'go green' - Walk to Work on Friday

In this time of stretched budgets here's a healthy way to make a little difference and all that is required is that you walk to work. Companies are urged to register as corporate ambassadors (free) and urge their employees to register as a Walking Class Hero and Walk to Work on Friday the 3rd of October. 

It isn't necessary to walk all the way, try and use public transport instead of driving if you live far from work and just get off a kilometre before your normal stop and walk the rest rest of the way. If you live close enough simply walk.

there is no cost to companies to participate but they are encourged to to cater a healthy breakfast for their employees who walk to work and save the environment. Simply walking 10 kms per week to and from work instead of driving saves you around $900 (£450) and reduces 300kgs of carbon emissions in a year. There are other health benefits and it will likely improve your sex life too - if you're married you'll be 'fitter'  for duty and if single, you have a better chance of meeting someone walking rather than driving.

Australian companies can log on to and anyone in the world is encouraged to get in touch with SOCOM to find out how they can get involved in their city. I think a good start would be regular WALK TO WORK FRIDAYS.


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Nick Hastings
Nick Hastings - Finextra - London 23 July, 2008, 16:49Be the first to give this comment the thumbs up 0 likes

Hi Dean

Excellent idea. I'll be ensuring that some of our guys here do that. In fact several of the Finextra team already walk or cycle to work - so we're already doing our bit. I regularly enjoy a stroll into work of a morning - really sets you up for the day ahead. Funnily enough I used to own the domain name - I had great plans for the site although being involved with another online empire meant I couldn't give as much time to the walking one. Still I like to think I'm involved with the right site!

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