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AI Can Bring A Revolution In The Auto Industry

There is a great transformation happening in the automotive industry and this is mainly due to the introduction of artificial intelligence. These days you can find driverless cars on the streets and robots working on the factory floor. In another 20 years, you will see only autonomous vehicles to be running on the roads across the globe. AI can be used to transform most of the aspects of the automobile manufacturing process, right from its research to the managing of the project. The machines and the robots are already working in the automotive industry across the world. They are limited to do only a certain set of actions.

It will be a totally different kettle of fish with artificial intelligence. This is advanced powers to make the Machines work like the humans. It will drive the machines to understand data like photos, speech, patterns to design cars. The AI-driven machines will find ways to solve complex problems.

Below are the areas where Artificial Intelligence can show its true colors and improve the automotive industry.

  • Drop in the equipment failure

The cost of a machine failure can turn out to be a nightmare for the automotive manufacturing industry. The production stops and the employees cannot complete their assigned tasks on time. This can really turn out to be catastrophic for the automobile factory. The best solution is to make use of AI-based algorithms. They can easily be fed in with all kinds of data from the vibration sensors so that they can detect any abnormalities before a major breakdown can occur. The AI-based programs will find out the anomalies in the equipment quickly and efficiently than the humans. They can easily diagnose a problem and let know the condition of the equipment.  This will help in lowering inspection costs, boost the availability of equipment, and also lowers the annual maintenance costs.

The advancements in technology and the use of computers in the automotive field are boosting the productivity in the industry due to the man and robot collaboration. The use of more and better algorithms and computing powers will help in developing robots that are flexible and can work along with the humans by reacting to the changes in the automotive environment. The collaborative robots are a good option to save some space and design in the automobile factory design as there is no need for robot-only areas. The development costs will be coming down as the robots can work hand in hand with humans. These collaborative robots can help the humans to do jobs that are not fully automatic. This will help in boosting the productivity by up to 20%.

  • Lesser quality issues

The quality inspection is normally carried out by humans and there are many errors that happen during the human inspection. Also, the quality inspection consumes a lot of time. The best option to speed up the quality control process is by using AI-enabled visual quality control. This will help in lowering the human errors and also easily detect the faults and issues. The hardware will inspect the product visually and offer top end quality control on car bodies, metal surfaces, machine parts, etc. The AI system has the ability to update its analysis and quality control thinking of making use of the feedback. The AI-based machines will be able to detect up to 90% of the quality control issues than the humans.

  • Better control of the business support functions 

The business support functions are a vital cog in the success of a company. The AI can be used in these areas to automate these support services like IT, finance, car payment calculator or HR. Through automation and using the AI efficiently, the automobile industry can see better consistency and accuracy as far as business support functions are concerned. Through automation, the business can benefit from better accuracy and consistency, boosted speed, increased scalability, and also the results can easily be traced.



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