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You Can Only Enjoy Your Mobile App If It Has These Features

It is quite surprising that at this stage some companies don’t have a mobile app. It is even worse that they still question the importance of app development and mobile apps. Well, if you are among the managers that have not hired mobile app developers, you are already losing your customers/clients to your competitors that have a mobile app.

According to Indian app developers, not having a mobile app is like using a 2005 cellphone because it is still functional. You won’t know how backward you are until you begin to use a contemporary cellphone exactly how you won’t know what you have been missing until you get your mobile app.

Have you ever seen how easy and convenient it is to order a product or service from a mobile? Do you think anybody will waste his time to order products from a website when he can do it on his phone? In fact, any business manager that does not see the importance of a mobile app has never ordered a product from a mobile app before. May be he does not even have a mobile device.

If you don’t know the importance of a mobile app, it is better to download the mobile app of your favorite online store and order products through the app. This is where you will begin to appreciate the importance of an app.

Do you know why companies will pay millions of dollars to have their products displayed on a physical billboard? They want passers-by to keep seeing the adverts. Your mobile app can do the same through another platform. When people download your app, its icon will appear on the menu of your device. You know the benefit in that? Each time the user navigates through his phone, he gets to see your icon. Do you have any idea how many times each user navigates through his phone every day? Imagine if only 100,000 people download your app.

How often do you send surveys to your customers? How long does it take before they respond? Do you know that by pressing a single button you can send surveys to all the users of your app. The major advantage is that the survey will hit their phones in a matter of minutes and you will begin to get responses immediately.

Apart from surveys, won’t you need to send information about new promotional offers and new products? You can also do it through your app. You will just have to type the message and send it once and all the users of your mobile app will get to see it instantly.

Do you also know that with your mobile app, your brand can be promoted by your customers willingly without taking a dime? Most mobile apps are integrated to popular social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and Instagram. This will enable users to share your posts on social media by pressing one single button. However, you are the one that will make them share your posts by applying a little trick. Make sure you include some humor in each of your posts. They will laugh and share each of them. Needless to say the popularity and credibility of your brand will continue to soar as they share your posts. What comes next after more popularity and credibility? More customers and high sales figures.

Due to the benefits of having a mobile app, but most have them are not financially successful. This is because most of them lack certain features. These features determine the success or failure of your app. In fact, all the successful mobile apps have almost all these features. If you are in a group of mobile app developers and you are planning to develop an app soon or you are already in the middle of an app development, you might need to consider the following features.

Compatibility with multiple operating systems

Most app developers India will advise you that your mobile app has to be compatible with almost all mobile device platforms and operating systems. Once it is not compatible with a particular OS, you are already reducing your chances of success because the success of an app lies in the number of its users.

Apart from compatibility, the requirement of the app has to be low too. For instance, the current Android operating system is Android 7.0 Nougat. Despite that, there are people still using devices with Android 4.0 and even below. If your app only supports Android 6.0 and above, you have cut off people using devices with Android 5.0 and below. That is a step towards failure. If possible, your app should support an operating system as low as Android 2.0. It is all about the figures.

Short launch time

App developers India design their app in a way that it will load completely in less than 7 seconds. This is because they know that any app that takes a longer time to launch will turn users off. Humans are generally impatient by nature. So, the faster your app loads the better. The ideal load time is 5 to 6 seconds. Any app that loads longer than that already has a problem.

Social media integration

If your app works with an account, it is better to allow users to be able to login with their social media account. This gives them a one-click login and most importantly, it saves them from the pain of having to enter their password each time they want to use the app.

Consistent responsiveness

Your app has to be very responsive at all time. If your app slows down at some point, users might have to delete it. Users want nothing short of consistent responsiveness. Indeed, nothing is as annoying and frustrating as a slow and unresponsive app.

Little or no ads

Users don’t like to be inundated with a lot of ads while using an app. The problem is that most free apps are developed because of the ads. So, you need to find a way to either reduce the number of ads or to place it where they won’t obstruct the use of the app.

Low battery consumption

Your app should conserve battery. When your app drains battery too much, it will put users off. May be your app should be able to work offline. Accessing the internet drains battery so, any app that does not work offline will always drain batteries. So, if it is possible, you should make your app work offline. Virtually all apps developed by app developers of a mobile app development company conserve energy.

Simplicity and ease of use

Your app should be easy to use. No one likes to receive a lecture on how to use an app especially when there are alternative simple apps. So you should keep the interface simple and intuitive. This is why it is advisable to avoid clogging your app with a lot of unnecessary functions. When there are too many functions, there will be too many buttons and links and this will make your app clumsy and difficult to navigate through.

Experienced iPhone app developers are aware of all these important features. This is why it is very important to consider experience when you want to hire an iPhone app developer.


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