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Features and Tips in Angular JS

12 May 2017  |  7198 views  |  0

Explore the features, concepts in Angular JS and the benefits it can bring...

AngularJS is a structural framework used for developing dynamic web applications.  AngularJS lets you use HTML as a template language. With it, you can also extend HTML's syntax to express the elements of your application with more clarity.

It is primarily maintained by Google, enterprises and group of experts to find solutions of the numerous challenges that could occur during the development of single-page applications. Apache Cordova is a framework used for developing cross-platform mobile apps.   Angular JS and its elements work well with this framework.

The main goal of angular JS is to make the development and testing of applications easier. It does this by providing a framework on the client-side and a separate model for the architecture. The clients-side model is the model-view-controller and the framework for architecture is the model-view-view-model. It also uses the elements included in rich Internet applications.

With Angular’s data binding and dependency injection, you can successfully exclude a major part of the code that you would otherwise need to write. Since it all can be done within the browser, this makes it compatible with any server technology.

The AngularJS framework was initially designed to be an end-to-end tool that facilitated the web designers to simplify the interaction with both the frontend and the backend.

AngularJS works as a catalyst in simplifying application development. This happens because of the higher level of abstraction being provided to the developer. However, not all applications are suitable for Angular. It was introduced for building - Create, Read, Update, Delete applications since most applications are themed around these features AngularJS helps in solving following issues:

  • Removing callbacks: Registering callbacks leads to derangement. Eliminating common boilerplate code like callbacks diminishes the amount of JavaScript coding that you would have to write. Furthermore, you will be able to see the application more distinctly.
  • Manipulation of HTML DOM: It is a crucial element in AJAX applications. The process however, can be very meticulous and susceptible to error. Majority of the applications written with the help of AngularJS do not have the need to programmatically manipulate the DOM.
  • Systemize data to and from UI: Most of the tasks in AJAX applications include CRUD - (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations. Fetching the data from the server to an internal object to an HTML form creates a lot of standard code. AngularJS helps in condensing all the code to only the ones that define the overall flow of the application.
  • Too much of initialization code to be written at the start: With dependency injection feature, AngularJS helps in quick development of features. Along with this, you also get a control over the initialization process.
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