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Blockchain publications that should be on your reading list - How many have you read?

Ever since I have been actively involved in blockchain for the past few months, it has been my endeavor to read and understand more on this subject. There are so many views, news, insights, opinions and perspectives being published on a daily basis that it is sometimes hard to catch up on the latest and greatest updates! From fintech innovations, to technology companies to the world's largest banks to industry bodies - everyone wants to be part of the action, and have many active pursuits to be part of the blockchain-o-mania. It is no surprise that my daily Google alert on blockchain never fails to throw up at least 5 articles which qualify as must-read!

As I continue to work, read and learn about blockchain, there are few broad observations I see. Talk to any 5 people on blockchain and you will find that their understanding and appreciation of blockchain is very different. There is no universal definition. Some believe it is a disruptive and transformative technology. Many think it is technology in quest of a problem to solve. Some point that blockchain is going to change the world, and is the elixir for all problems in the world. And some opine that blockchain is more hype, and will slowly drift into oblivion.

Agreed that it is a powerful technology which has potential to change the end-to-end business processes, networks and trust models. Beyond that, blockchain could potentially be viewed as a design thinking paradigm because it compels one to un-learn the way things have always been done and embrace new ways in which collaboration with trust is the new normal. Blockchain is also a catalyst to re-imagine, re-define and re-create experiences for the end user as it enables peer-to-peer exchange of assets of value in a reliable, cost-effective and pragmatic manner.

It is interesting to note that blockchain has applications across all industries and is at the interplay of business, process, technology and people, so it can potentially transform the current normal in more than one way.  

So, here's the thing - What the future holds in store for the promise and potential of blockchain only time will tell. Now is a good time to learn more about blockchain, think about its applications and impact and possibly share your learnings. In this post, I will share a curated list of blockchain publications that should be on your reading list


Everything you need to know about blockchain in one epic slideshow

The future of financial infrastructure

Global Insight: Blockchain in banking

Understanding the blockchain

Re-thinking enterprises, ecosystems and economies with blockchains

Know more about blockchain

Blockchain Revolution

How blockchains can change the world

How blockchain will disrupt your business

Have many have you checked from this list? What would you add to the list? Leave a comment to let me know


PS: Views expressed in this post are the author's personal views only



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