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How global trends affecting either fintech-companies themselves and clients

Operational Director of Canopus Innovative Technologies, management analyst and colleague Vitaly Lobanov made an joint overview of global trends affecting either fintech-companies themselves or clients of fintech-companies operating in payment business.

You can see presentation attached or click if you can't see the picture of presentation below.

How the work was done

Earlier on, a macro analysis usually included analysis of the PEST factors (politics, economics, social, technology), but in recent years it became evident that there are at least globalization and digitalization factors, which should now be accounted for.

In the continuation of such a thinking, I came to the conclusion that it is necessary to account for any existing trends which have a direct or indirect impact on the company or its clients (we operate in B2B and initially the infographics was made specifically within the framework of a strategic analysis / analysis of the macro environment for my company).

Having started recollecting and contemplating as well as browsing the internet, I identified a much greater number of relevant trends (as well as not relevant and which I did not include in the document).

In the course of the work:

1. I observed that connection between the trends can be identified.

• Plain line - indicates a single bond or mutual influence or "different sides of the same coin";

• Solid arrow - indicates impact of one trend on another;

• Dashed arrow with the word << include >> indicates a subtrend;

• Broken Arrow with no superscription indicates little influence.

2. Since many trends came up, I divided them into 6 groups.

3. For the ease of reading I changed colour of some trends (so it's easier for the eye to cling to specific areas of the scheme), the colouring logic in this case is the following - those are trends that were identified by me personally, and not found on the Internet.

What for?

The scheme can direct the reader, who is analyzing the strategic position of his/her fintech company, towards discovering new niches or a full transition to them, finding new partners, new synergies, the fact that it is the time to change certain internal business processes - and so on.

Note: I've decided to adopt author's rusbase publication infographics with the author’s comments for English speaking audithory. Original Russian post is here

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