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Deutsche Bank CEO promises 10 more years for cash

The Deutsche Bank CEO stated that cash will disappear during the next 10 years. Why does it have to have to take so long? 

Take the opportunity to repost this from 2008:

"EU published some figures on cost of handling cash - 50bn per year - and the consumer pays every cent of it - without knowing how much we would all save by keeping money in digital form all the way with the help of plastic cards (which of course will disappear when their functionality moves to mobile phones in due course).

It would be interesting to also know how much the environment is loaded down by the 50bn/pa circus of heavily protected daily convoys of armoured cars transporting cash to ATMs and bank branches to be taken to shops and deposited by them to banks in the evening and from there back to central banks in the night and back again...

How many robberies, counterfeit, black economy, prostitution, drug dealing, arms dealing, terrorism, money laundering and other crime is caused by/enabled by too much use of cash? What is the cost of this for EU citizens. Does he know? Does media inform?  Why is there a 500€ bill btw? What is it used for?

And what is the cost of grey economy - could not work without cash?

What about the consumer ombudsmen - do they have time for the really big cost savers?"

We need education (cash and paper is not free - even if it appears to be) - and leading by example:

1. do not use cash - and drive transparent charging for those who do 

2. do not use cheques

3. do not accept paper or PDF invoices - demand structured and charge for having to handle exceptions..

4. offer structured e-invoices in local standards - charge for having to send paper or PDFs

5. ask for and offer e-signing of documents - using bank credentials

Drive logical charging. Why should you pay for those who are causing unnecessary costs and unlawful behavior in so many dimensions.



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A Finextra member
A Finextra member 27 January, 2016, 07:241 like 1 like

I could not agree more with you Bo Harald.

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