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6 Mistakes People Do on their Mobiles

I am writing with blog as I have seen multiple cases people ingoring the risk they are taking when navigating with their mobile devices.

1- Failing to lock down your device

I believe it is the most important from the 6 tips. Your phone can be locked with advanced technology like the iPhone 5S's fingerprint scanner or using a more simplistic method like a PIN or password lock, locking your device locally can be the differentiating factor that keeps your lost phone protected long enough to track it down or wipe it remotely.


2- Do not store personal and private documents on non-authorized devices.

Mobile devices are easy to handle and for this purpose, some finds it convenient to store data on devices and share it with others.It is very important to know the origin of the device we are dealing with and no private data has to be saved on.

If it was used, make sure all documents are completely deleted from the device and synchronization is disabled and it is not backed up.


3- Always make sure your apps are upgraded to the newest version.

Sometimes applications are released with major bugs and defects that allowed attackers to easily spoof profile information -- users could be multiple versions.Keeping your software up to date by downloading updates as soon as possible after they are released can prevent users from posing a security risk.


4- Smartphone security mistakes

Today it is easy to have a smartphone, and for some it is considered as their baby. You load on it all your privacy contacts, synchronize emails, pictures and write notes.Any failure in protecting your personal privacy and security, will lead to great repercussions


5- Using free or unsecure Wi-Fi

When it comes to using Wi-Fi instead of your phone's data connection, stick to what you know is secure, like networks with WPA2 encryption. Do not open, unprotected networks as they are entirely too risky, especially for users that are carrying sensitive data on their devices.

Aside from making it all too easy for others to access your mobile device's information by sharing the same network, public Wi-Fi can even allow attackers to hijack your device through your apps.


6- Opening untrusted links.

Sometimes we receive by SMS links asking us to load the application on our mobile.. Spam texts containing links to sites that pose threats are not unheard of, for example, and users should avoid opening links from sources they don't recognize.

Similarly risky is downloading apps from third-party app stores.Apple Store and Google Play have a screening on the published application. When you download software from untrusted sources you are at a high risk to be attacked by malicious software.


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