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Time for better and new Ecosystems

I had the opportunity to speak at the spectacular SLUSH-event in Helsinki. The main focus there is always on how startups are changing the world and should get more funding to do it even faster.

My presentation was about the need and opportunity for new Real time functioning Ecosystems - in the administrative and business process cutting SME-costs in half and cutting stress levels even more (important also for startups) - AND providing open platforms for the startups to build services on. Have these important aspects been forgotten in the haste towards potential very quick wins?

New ecosystems can be created by adding features to old ones - and interconnecting with each others, public sector data bases and Big Data service providers at large.

Ecosystem-examples I referred to include: national service bus for interoperabity with public sector, digital real time property dealing and forwarding value estimates to e-banking wealth reports, globally interoperable e-invoicing, including startupshareholdings into book-entry-systems (eventually all limited companies - thus providing even fuller wealth reports in e-banking), automated  real time VAT reporting based on e-invoicing, automated real time accounting based on e-invoicing and electronic bank statements, automated salary payment specific tax reporting and national income register, XBRLstandard for financial statements and e-id&signature services.

All supporting each others - and the startups. 




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