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Yogendra Singh

Vice President, Global Head, Solution Consulting at Oracle
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Bio Vice President, Global Head, Solution Consulting for OFSAA and ORMB Career History We help clients envision the future of autonomous finance with real-time and forward-looking insights that address their complex finance, risk, and accounting challenges.



Maximizing Capital Efficiency: Collateral Optimization in Basel III Post-Crisis

10 Apr 2024

Introduction: In the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis, regulators implemented Basel III to fortify the global banking system. Among its many provisions, collateral optimization emerged as a critical strategy for banks to reduce risk-weighted assets (RWAs) while maintaining exposure to credit portfolios. This article delves into the significa...

Banking Regulations

Navigating the Basel End Game: A Comprehensive Guide to Regulatory Capital and Net Interest Margin

10 Apr 2024

Introduction: The Basel III regulatory framework, developed post-2008 financial crisis, aimed to fortify the global banking system. As discussions around the Basel end game intensify, regulators, central banks, and financial institutions are navigating the path forward for banking regulation. This article delves into the intricacies of the Basel e...

Climate Risk

Responsible Banking – Three Ways to Strategize Climate Change Risk

15 Aug 2022

People around the world are witnessing how climate change can devastate our planet. Scientists continue to sound the alarm that, climate change is the greatest threat to human health in recorded history. As climate crisis is rising governments & agencies around the world are working to advance policies that reduce carbon pollution, support cle...