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Sr. Director FS Strategy at Oracle
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Digital Banking Trends

API’s aren’t the rails for the next financial products. They are the next financial product.

01 Oct 2017

For too long, Open Banking has been treated as a technical and legislative affair. As long as we are implementing the PSD2 API’s and negotiate the requirements from the European Bank, we should be Ok right? Or we can use API’s to collaborate with our fintech partners! There you go, we got the lingo right … let’s put marketing on it! As I was pr



The SWIFT Hackathon

17 May 2016

Back in the days, a long time ago, when animals could still talk, I was working with the Belgian National Police. I was working in a highly secure environment, regularly being trained on the importance of being aware of cyber threats, including social hacking. I did some ethical hacking myself, and felt the rush of locking out the security officer...


The Block Chainletter

27 Nov 2015

Dear software vendor Dear innovator Dear payments guru Dear marketer BEWARE! Now that you have started to read this block chainletter you MUST continue to read it, follow the procedure strictly or great harm will come upon you, your company and your family. This all started back in 2008 when in an obscure garage Satoshi Nakamoto discovered a wooden...