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Anthony Carfang

Managing Director at The Carfang Group
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Bio The Carfang Group specializes in consulting, writing, speaking, thought leadership and advocacy in the area of treasury management, payments, liquidity, fintech and banking. We know these areas intimately and bring unparalleled insights to our clients. Career History Present: The Carfang Group, Managing Director Present: Duquesne University, Board of Directors.


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Crypto Stablecoins and Prime Money Market Funds. If it walks like a duck . . .

05 Jul 2021

Twenty years ago, Prime Money Market Fund (PMMF) assets were equivalent to 11.9% of U.S. GDP. Today, following a decade of scapegoating and regulation, they are down to a miniscule 2.3%. Commercial paper, upon which companies rely for short term working capital and are a primary holding of PMMFs, has decreased by two thirds over the same period. T...