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Managing Director at Gala Technology
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Bio Jason Mace is a serial entrepreneur and founder of Gala Technology. Founded in 2015, Gala Technology is responsible for pioneering the award-winning SOTpay secure order transfer payment gateway system which was designed to eradicate the growing threat of fraudulent telephone payment transactions. Career History Jason founded Gala Tent whilst working behind the bar at a working mens club in 1999. He was responsible for founding sister companies Gala Graphics in 2006, Gala Technology in 2015 and Gala Performance in 2016.



2016: The year of Fraud

15 Dec 2016

When historians look back on 2016 I suspect it will be viewed as something of a watershed year. It will be remembered for the year of Brexit, the year of Trump, and for growing numbers of business owners, the year of fraud. For many business owners, it’s not just the consequences of being left red faced and empty handed that makes fraud such an e...