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Bio I'm one of the co-founders of Beyond - a business transformation consultancy focused on helping financial institutions design and deliver world-class client onboarding and client lifecycle management. For us, this covers everything involved with the onboarding and ongoing management of clients, from customer experience and operational efficiency, to financial crime and regulatory compliance. We created Beyond because we wanted to empower these organisations to dramatically increase speed, improve customer focus, reduce risk and ultimately accelerate time-to-revenue.


Financial Risk Management

How to deliver successful KYC automation

14 Dec 2020

The continued pressure to increase efficiencies within KYC and reduce the cost of compliance has resulted in ‘KYC automation’ becoming a hot topic for the industry. Clients often ask us what their priorities should be, who can help them with the process and what the best practices are for implementation. Here are the 7 key principles I normally sh...


Operational Risk Management

7 steps to planning client onboarding and CLM change

24 Nov 2020

2021 will be a challenging but critical year for financial organisations wanting to deliver change within client onboarding and client lifecycle management (CLM). Covid and the fear of a global recession have dramatically increased the need for digital transformation, automation and streamlined processes, and there is no doubt that banks have to r...