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Managing Director at RoundWorks IT
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Bio Luke Watts is the Managing Director of RoundWorks IT, which are specialists in managed IT services, including, backup and disaster recovery, cyber security and more for businesses across East Midlands.


Information Security

Microsoft 365 vs Google Workspace: Which is Better?

21 Dec 2022

Microsoft Office used to be the only office software that mattered (at least in the business world). Now, Microsoft is working to sideline its traditional office software in favour of its cloud-orientated counterpart Microsoft 365. That in turn is facing serious competition from Google Workspace. If you’re choosing between them, this is what you n...


What should your business be doing to decrease cyber security risks?

27 Oct 2022

Make cybersecurity (part of) someone’s job Cybersecurity is far too important to be fitted in as, when and if somebody has the time. Ensure that cybersecurity is properly managed by making it (part of) somebody’s job. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to hire in-house IT staff. In fact, there is often a lot to be said for using a manage...