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Bio Miriam Ballesteros is committed to raising awareness about financial technologies that make investing money a lot easier so people can get more out of life. Career History Miriam leads the global marketing strategy and brand value proposition, driving brand recognition and market growth. Accolades include a spot on the Women in FinTech Powerlist and nominations for the Women2Watch Program in the U.S and Las Top 100 by Mujeres & Cia in Spain.


Fintech innovation and startups

Sitting with Strands CEO: 5 Years 'till Now

01 Feb 2019

Erik Brieva's professional life so far has been dedicated to entrepreneurial ventures, enterprise software and internet-based business —having co-founded and managed several companies in Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States before propelling Strands to a world FinTech stage. In this interview, we sat down with Erik to talk about life b


Strands CEO Erik Brieva shares the strategies to keep key talent onboard in the FinTech industry

12 Nov 2018

There is no doubt that embracing digital transformation is a must to grow and prosper in today’s business world. Organizations of all types across the globe are striving to find the best talent to help them do just that —especially in the tech space. As if that weren’t enough, with the widespread demand for these positions, most companies are fa

Women in FinTech

An Open Letter To Sallie Krawcheck, And All Women In FinTech Everywhere

25 Oct 2018

Dear Sallie, My name is Miriam Ballesteros, a 29-year-old from Barcelona who never really considered herself much of an advocate for women until starting to work in FinTech. I was first introduced to you by Asya Bradley and Sara Koslinska at Money2020. They mentioned you, and what you bring to the table through Ellevest: a platform that aims to s

Behavioral Economics in Banking

Behavioral Economics is the Key to User Engagement in Banking: An Interview With Jeff Kreisler

23 Oct 2018

The science behind behavioral economics confirms that people make wholly irrational decisions. In the finance world, identifying which emotions come into play when people make the financial choices they do, can help bankers and those in the finance sector to understand why, whether it’s buying a house, withdrawing cash, investing money or saving f...