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Kunal Patel

Product Manager at 1E
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Bio Kunal currently works for 1E, a software company focused on helping business managed software automation and endpoint security. He has a strong focus on cybersecurity, digital transformation and all things FinTech. Career History Kunal has worked across the payments industry, specifically in banking, acquiring and mobile financial services in the telco space across the UK, Europe, APAC and South Asia markets. His specific focus has been on strategy, product development and innovation.



Digital Transformation - It's Not All About Technology

12 Nov 2018

Digital transformation is nothing new, in fact it’s probably one of the most talked about subjects I have ever come across, there are differing opinions on what the priorities are. I have been involved in a number of digital transformation projects myself, and I can see where some of the challenges are, esp. in the targeted larger organisations t...

Innovation in Financial Services

Creating the perfect chatbot

08 Jun 2018

The world has gone chatbot crazy, certainly there is still a lot of focus on ‘virtual assistants’, as some people like to refer to them as. They are essentially used to mimic human speech where a human would be required via a messaging interface. As someone who closely works within the financial services industry, automation is certainly one of th...


Open Banking

GAFA in Banking. Will They or Won’t They?

23 Apr 2018

There has been a lot written over the past few years about the so-called impact that GAFA (Google, Apple, Facebook & Amazon) will have on banking world in the future. These large tech companies are so intertwined with our lives that it stands to reason that they should look at making a play into banking. Moreover, they have invested significan...



RegTech: Driving the Future of Financial Services

16 Apr 2018

I am not an expert or an authority in the area of regulation and more specifically, RegTech solutions but I understand the importance of what RegTech can bring to the work being undertaken by FinTech start-ups and banks. I traditionally tend to focus on what's happening within the FinTech and banking industry, but I take an interest in other areas...