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CEO at Exactpro
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Bio Iosif is a co-founder and CEO of Exactpro Career History Founded in 2009 with ten core specialists on board, Exactpro now employs over 550 specialists. In May 2015 - January 2018, Exactpro was part of the Technology Services division of the London Stock Exchange Group. In January 2018, the founders of Exactpro completed a management buyout from LSEG.


Operational Risk Management

Fearless Testing and Post-Trade Systems Disruption

10 May 2018

Our work focuses on functional and nonfunctional testing, most of the business being in the market infrastructure space, exchanges and clearing. Three principles can help you to test even the most sophisticated technology platforms. They are: No Trust No Fear No Begging True courage is required when one faces disruptive technology. What is the di...

Operational Risk Management

Large Scale Infrastructure Intervention and Fake Testing

05 May 2018

In a nutshell, the job that we do comes down to infiltrating large financial market infrastructures with specially designed tools to influence the outcome of the software development life cycle. We have been implementing this strategy across the globe for nearly 9 years. But even in the most critical, robust and reliable large infrastructures, the...


The Next Generation of Testing Tools for Exchanges

17 Oct 2015

The modern society expects quality and reliability from the modern exchange platforms. Thorough verification of exchange technology is not possible without adequate software testing tools. Understanding their evolution can help deliver rapidly evolving advanced exchange systems. Test automation tools allow simulating connected automated systems, r...


Innovation in Quality Assurance - What is the Impact on Trading Technology?

10 Oct 2015

This post outlines some ideas on how particular changes in quality assurance might affect the trading technology. There are lots of discussions on Internet-of-Things, Cloud and Web. However, there are other things in software verification and they are a little bit closer to our area - exchange and brokerage platforms. These are some interesting Q...

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