Farah Miller

Farah Miller

CEO at Helixtap Technologies
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Bio Farah is the CEO and Co-Founder of Helixtap Technologies, the pioneers of groundbreaking, AI-driven price and market intelligence for the rubber industry. Career History Farah was previously in sales and trading roles spanning several commodities, such as thermal and coking coal, iron ore and natural rubber, with extensive experience in both Singapore and London. Her roles include time in the Noble Group and Ginga Petroleum, with her most recent role as VP at Green and Collier Trading as lead rubber broker and advisor.



Inflation Risks Triggers Anxiety as Supply Constraints Persist

24 Nov 2021

Higher commodity prices fanned global inflation following the surge in demand post easing of Covid-19 has jeopardized the rubber market as it continued to confront supply bottlenecks and rising energy prices. It is a tight rope walk for the rubber industry now as, on the one hand, they are struggling with the volatile demand as the key rubber-produ...

Financial Supply Chain

Rubber industry grapples with aftershock of China’s crackdown

01 Nov 2021

The crackdown on power consumption coupled with the crisis of Evergrande Group looms large over the demand for natural rubber in China as the industrial manufacturing sector of the country faces a setback. With the ongoing Evergrande crisis and Beijing’s unprecedented curbs on the property sector, the power supply crisis has affected Jiangsu, Zheji...

Financial Supply Chain

Commodity Pricing: the Need for Transparent Pricing to Benefit Supply Chains and Address ESG Risks

15 Jul 2021

Change Opaque Markets – focus on agri-commodities The lack of transparency is an infamous issue in the commodities market because it creates an inherent inability to accurately price risk. This issue is particularly pervasive in the agricultural commodities sector, such as natural rubber where supply chains start with remote smallholders numberin...


Trends in Financial Services

Data and Innovation Key Requirements for the Future of Trade Finance

18 May 2021

Does Size Matter? There is a fundamental shift in how trade finance is taking place, with the use of data-driven decision-making to support more democratic access, beyond company size. Trade finance’s traditional focus has been that the larger the company, the easier the access to finance and borrowing terms based on balance sheets. This supporte...