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For asset managers, good stewardship is good business

05 Aug 2020

ESG screens are common among asset managers today, in response to growing client demand for investments that align with their values. Much of the buzz has focused on the ‘E’ and ‘S’ of ESG, as managers dumping fossil fuels and other ‘vice’ stocks have grabbed headlines. And while early studies are pointing towards the potential outperformance of ES...

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The billion-dollar oversight investment managers make every year

31 Mar 2020

Every year, hundreds of Scrip dividends are issued by companies. Managers must make a relatively straightforward decision: take a cash dividend or take additional shares. It’s the duty of the manager to select the option that proves most lucrative to their clients. Unfortunately, many managers and advisers either opt for the less profitable option ...

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Inaction with voluntary corporate actions can lead to mandatory retribution

03 Mar 2020

Voluntary corporate actions are often considered to be an inconsequential aspect of investment management. However, given the sheer amount of money that is lost to poorly handled corporate actions decisions – and the fiduciary infractions that they may spur down the road – these activities are proving to be highly consequential. Voluntary corporat...