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Vice President at Barcays Bank plc
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Bio Head up a team of BA's working on Payment System projects Career History Over 40 years working in the financial marketplace for banks and software hosues. Specialisation has moved into aspects of high value payment systems and, most recently SEPA, TARGET2 and Liquidity Management.



What Social Interaction Do I Want With My Bank

01 Nov 2010

Ok... I admit, I'm a little late to the party, but.... I have found Twitter. Those who know me may have started to suffer seeing my tweets over the past couple of weeks. On other other hand, as someone who couldn't make it to SIBOS last week, Twitter, I thought, came into its own. Having the chance to see the various comments from delegates kept m...



Metro Bank and First Direct - Customer Interaction?

12 Oct 2010

A large majority of attention has been focussed on how Metro Bank has opened 'stores' in London and, in the space of some 3 months, exceeded account take up expectations. It has also been well documented how Metro Bank want to open a large number of 'Stores' around London in the coming 2-3 years. These 'Stores' are open long hours and 7 days a wee...


Is This The Last European SIBOS As We Know It?

11 Oct 2010

The registration numbers have been issued this morning and show about 2,000 delegates from Asia and the Americas. The remainder of the nearly 7,000 delegates are from EMEA. Nothing new in these statistics, but with the pressure on costs and the wide diversity of subject matter at SIBOS will the next couple of years when the show goes through the Am...

SEPA and European Payments

Euro Debit Cards for UK Account Holders

23 Mar 2007

I have some fun over the past year with my Bank (nameless at this point for various reasons) discussing with them SEPA and my needs as a customer. My first problem came when I wanted to pay for my attendance at the EBA Day. The requirement was to pay EUR840 from my Euro Account in the UK to the Finestra Euro Account at Coutts and Co. I know that t