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A group for discussion of how banks and corporates are moving towards standardisation and more efficient, automated processes for opening, maintaining and closing bank accounts.

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Joris Lochy

A bank account - A concept of the past

Almost every recent article written about banking starts with the statement that the banking industry is being disrupted by new competitors, new innovations and new technologies. Although this stateme...

23 Mar 2020
Retired Member

Why We Believe PSD2 Should be Better

In April this year the European Banking Authority released their final RTS draft for PSD2 to be presented to the European Parliament. Many European Fintech companies feel that the draft does not stay...

09 May 2017
Retired Member

UK account switching gathers pace

Customer experience the key as UK account switching gathers pace The in-bank customer experience has always been important for financial institutions, but two current trends are placing even greater

24 Apr 2014
Chris Errington

FCA rules on client money loom: are you ready to reconcile?

While innovations such as Faster Payments in the UK have accelerated banks’ transaction processing, many client money managers are still lagging. Manual processes are still prolific and this can resul...

26 Mar 2014
Vilmos Levente Kovacs

Why all bank closed at weekend?

Since Saturday became non working day bank have been the only closed service on weekend. Although in that accelerated world retail purchasing is shifted to weekend. Paying cashless seller only can rea...

24 Aug 2011
Retired Member

My impressions of the EBAM event

I just returned from London, where I attended a two-day conference on EBAM (more specifically, SWIFT EBAM). While it was a relatively targeted audience (approximately 60 people were in attendance), it...

26 Feb 2010
Retired Member

That's the way we've always done it

I can’t agree more with Hilary Ward from Citi. In her recent article on GTNews, Hilary talks about the benefits of automating the process around on-boarding and bank account management, between corpo...

08 Jul 2009

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