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Bio Managing engagements to automate entire business process to automate risk calculations like liquidity, Basel and compliance reports for multiple jurisdictions like Korea, India etc Career History PMP certified, CSM Cerified, Engagement cum Program Manager over 14 years of providing solutions in financial services domain


Financial Services Regulation

Risk Ratios

22 Nov 2014

I thought let us talk about some of the rules and its impact on different regions Basel liquidity rule Covers : Banks worldwide What it does : Requires banks to hold enough cash or assets which can meet all debt coming due within 30 days. Impact : It ensures banks won’t run out of money even during any credit crisis. Thus forcing them to hold more ...

Financial Services Regulation

Local compliance in a global business

13 Sep 2014

Financial Institutions (FI) follow different solutions to fulfil compliance requirements. We can divide this into following different models: 1. Option 1 : in-house, in-country This option is will help FI to keep all the compliance functions in-house. Advantages: • It works great when FI has significant presence in the country • Helps to build go

Financial Services Regulation

Intraday Liquidity: Implement Challenges

12 Jun 2014

The management of intraday liquidity – defined by the Committee on Payment and Settlement Systems (CPSS) as “funds that can be assessed during the business day, usually to enable financial institutions to make payments in real time” – is now in the spotlight. Sources of this type of liquidity include central bank reserve balances, liquid assets on...

Financial Services Regulation

Non Compliance Cost

10 May 2014

The current economic crisis has led to much debate in relation to the relative merits of compliance and noncompliance cost of the regulations. The widespread pain caused by the crisis has galvanized regulators around the world to impose far-reaching rules that address and add to the considerably large body of rules already in place. Thus we always...