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Bio Founder and MD of i-KYC Singapore. We do everything around AML/CFT: assessment, training, implementation, technology. We're all seasoned international bankers and we know what FIs need to make KYC as easy as can be Career History several banks, several continents



Pakistan is not the only country where this can happen

01 Oct 2019

This article ( published in ‘Dawn’ last year not only describes the K&K case clearly but at that highlights some of the underlying issues in Pakistan. A large informal economy, a tradition of sending money abroad and widespread use of hawala networks are the 3 basic factors. Then there’s a widespread use of

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Trade Based Money Laundering, it’s a craft to fight it

09 May 2017

Hong Kong is only one country where regulators are focusing more and more on TBML as can be read in this article . TBML is less transparent and harder to detect than more traditional types of money laundering. As the article mentions “there is no rigid set

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A best-practice model for compliant banking

11 Apr 2017

In a recent article by Pjotr Kaminski and Kate Robu both working for McKinsey&Company an outline is given for a more structural solution to deal with ever increasing regulatory requirements and compliance challenges < >. The title of

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Lack of confidence in your AML CFT program? Why?

21 Mar 2017

A substantial number of compliance officers (about 44 per cent) lack confidence in the anti-money laundering (AML) programs of their organizations, according to a new report (#mce_temp_url#) That’s an interesting finding since compliance officers are ultimately responsible for compliance of the whole organization in their role as MLRO. The pace an...