James Smith

James Smith

MD at Dsruptiv Ltd
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Bio MD at Dsruptiv, an independent consultancy focused on digital banking and payments. Equally at home in a startup or large corporate, I specialise in the application of technology within Financial Services businesses - i.e fintech and payments. Career History Founder, Fintech & Payments Club - SVP, New Payment Platforms, Mastercard - CEO and co-founder, Growth Street - Senior Principal, Global Digital Payments, Mastercard - Head of Decision Science, Wonga Group - Principal at Oliver Wyman



What might a Labour government mean for Fintech and Payments in the UK?

01 Jul 2024

A Labour government in the UK could have significant implications for the Fintech and Payments sectors. Key areas that might be affected include changes to the finance landscape, financial services policy, regulation and oversight, innovation, competition, financial inclusion, international positioning, digital infrastructure and education. Here’s...

Financial Services Regulation

500 days of tumbleweed - why is the FCA ignoring small businesses?

31 Jul 2017

It has now been 500 days since the consultation period closed on 18 March 2016 for FCA Discussion Paper DP15/7 "Our approach to SMEs as users of financial services." At present, the provision of financial services to small businesses in the UK is largely unregulated. In many cases, firms can't even appeal to an ombudsman if they have been...