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Navigating the Financial Industry: Understanding Risks, Rewards, and Regulations

30 Jan 2023

The financial industry is constantly evolving, with new products and services being introduced regularly. With this growth comes increased risk for investors and greater rewards for those who make the right decisions. To help mitigate these risks, governments worldwide have implemented regulations to protect investors, stabilise financial markets ...

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Beyond stocks and bonds: the world of alternative investments

25 Jan 2023

Alternative investments, such as PE funds, differ from traditional investments, such as stocks, bonds or mutual funds. This article will focus on another alternative investment structure - hedge funds. Hedge funds in the 1990s By the early 1990s, investing had entered a golden age in the USA. More Americans owned investments than ever, pushing sto...

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Exploring the Potential of Private Equity: Understanding the Risks and Rewards of Investing

17 Jan 2023

Private equity is an investment asset class that involves the purchase of shares in private companies, typically those not listed on a public stock exchange. Professional investors such as venture capitalists and private equity firms make private equity investments, seeking to generate returns through active management of their portfolio companies...


Happy New Year, 2023

30 Dec 2022

2022 was the third year in Aprimerose history. First-year was the difficult one, yet we survived the lockdowns. Great tools helped us stay in sync. We embrace async communication and goal-oriented, which reduced the need to have online meetings to 3 per week (total of two hours). Transparency and a direct approach inside the company help us to a