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Co-Founder and COO at Mercuryo
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Bio Greg Waisman is an accomplished entrepreneur and business leader with deep roots in the technology market. He has a wealth of experience in full-cycle business management, establishing IT-related startups and developing them from the ground up. Mr. Waisman believes deeply in the potential of technology in improving living standards and making day-to-day life easier. To this end, throughout his career he has held leading positions in technology companies, growing as a business leader and product developer. Career History Today Greg acts as the COO of Mercuryo, a global payments infrastructure platform that he co-founded in 2018 with Petr Kozyakov, CEO, and Alexander Vasiliev, CCO. The company aims to reinvent the ease of making payments by providing a wide range of financial services and products to businesses from both the fiat and crypto worlds (BaaS, CaaS,On-Off Ramps, Fiat Pay In-Out and others). Standing at the forefront of Mercuryo's development since its inception, the three founders transformed the company from an average startup to global payments infrastructure platform with a HQ in London in just 2 years. Under their leadership, Mercuryo has secured partnerships with over 200 crypto companies, working with leading industry players such as MetaMask, Trust Wallet, Ledger, Trezor, 1inch,, Nexo, OKX, and Bybit.


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From Downturn to Success: Essential Strategies for Founders to Overcome Market Turmoil

25 Aug 2023

During the period of 2022-2023, the fintech market experienced a significant recession period, as many companies closed down and the flow of investment slowed. The first half of 2023 saw venture capital funding of fintech startups plunge by 48% compared to 2022, while the number of deals struck went down by 64%. In the longer term, that led to a n...


The Future of Finance: Blockchain Technology Set To Reshape the Financial Landscape

09 Jun 2023

For a while now blockchain has been considered a disruptive element in the field of banking, as it has several advantages that enable crypto transactions to far outstrip traditional systems. It is for this reason that I believe there is no future of payments that does not involve cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in some shape or form. Wor...