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Jonathan Friedman

Co-Founder & CEO at Karma
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Bio Jonathan Friedman is the co-founder and CEO of Karma, a fintech that is revolutionizing online shopping. Karma is on a mission to help consumers make informed purchasing decisions and find the lowest possible price for their items. Karma empowers its 4 million plus members to shop and pay better across platforms and devices. Career History Jonathan Friedman is an experienced entrepreneur and business leader with a track record of success in business development and customer-centric product design. He co-founded Karma, a fintech company that empowers people to make smarter shopping decisions. Since its inception, Jonathan has led the growth of the company, expanding Karma's user base to over 4 million members. Prior to founding Karma, Jonathan held business development roles at bwin and LotteryMaster, where he was responsible for strategic planning, partnership building, and revenue generation. Before those roles, he was a business development consultant at Rainmaking, where he helped early-stage startups to develop and execute their go-to-market strategies. With his experience in business development and a passion for creating value for customers, Jonathan continues to lead Karma in disrupting the e-commerce landscape and driving the future of online shopping.



How Flexibility, AI, and Security Are Driving Online Shopping

22 Feb 2023

As the eCommerce and online shopping industry continues to innovate, retailers are finding new ways to streamline the checkout process and provide a seamless and frictionless shopping experience for customers. With the rise of new technologies and innovative payment solutions, retailers can offer customers a range of options that cater to their in...