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Arina Dudko

Arina Dudko

Director, Head of Corporate Payment Solutions at CEX.IO
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Bio With fifteen-plus years of experience in banking, payments, client relations and crypto exchanges, Dudko previously held leadership roles at Swedbank, IBC Company Formations and Industra Bank. Now Head of Corporate Payment Solutions at CEX.IO, she can address a range of topics including Banking and Payments, Corporate Finance, Business Strategy, Investments and Financial Analysis.


Payments strategies 2015-2020-2030

Banks and Crypto Companies are Co-Evolving. Customers Stand to Win.

02 Dec 2022

In the natural world, when two species co-evolve, they develop traits to accommodate the other, and vice versa, in the spirit of mutual betterment. For instance, a clown fish is able to seek safety from predators in a sea anemone, while the sea anemone enjoys what amounts to a trip to the spa, courtesy of the clownfish. There was a point in time w...

The Payments Business

Crypto Adoption Enhanced Existing Philanthropic Efforts — That’s Welcome News For Uncertain Times

27 Sep 2022

In the past few years, we’ve seen rapid evolution in how payments are conducted. Away from the in-person exchange of paper money, and toward a world where transactions occur entirely across online platforms. Within this space, digital assets are starting to find equal footing alongside fiat currencies, and in some cases, even surpassing what’s bee...