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Senior Identity Strategist at SailPoint
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Bio In my role as Senior Identity Strategist at SailPoint, I am responsible for the development of vision and deployment of identity governance solutions. I design, direct, and advise on large-scale security deployments for a global clientele. Career History I first became a security architect for IBM in 2005, before joining SailPoint in 2015 as a security strategist and rising to a position in the office of the CTO and taking on a global role.



When the Bill Comes Due: Securing Challenger Banks’ Growth

24 Jan 2020

The moment of reckoning has come. A party of eight sit around a table, the white tablecloth strewn with the detritus of a communal meal. Coffee is slowly sipped as they contemplate how to divide the bill. Unlike in years past, this is a simple operation: mobile devices come out and money is rapidly exchanged as modern technology facilitates a mult...

Banking Regulations

Strong Customer Authentication: The Potential and Peril of Biometric Authentication

25 Sep 2019

As I strode quickly off the plane I had taken back to the US and towards customs recently after an international trip, I reached into my satchel. Like the rest of humanity, I did not want to spend any more time in the airport than necessary, so I extracted my passport and scanned for an open machine to start the scanning process. Instead of prompt...


Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

PSD2 and two-factor authentication: a double security challenge for banks

26 Jul 2019

September 14, 2019 is rapidly approaching, and with it the full mandate of PSD2: open banking will continue to make inroads into the financial fabric of society. While the full realisation of this concept provides opportunity to innovators, it also represents a unique privacy challenge. An Opportunity for Innovation Opening up a stolid market by a...



Living like the 3 per cent: Delivering secure user experience on financial apps

10 Apr 2019

What kind of financial windfall would it take to put you into the 1% — to enable you to leave your job, climb aboard your yacht, and eat avocado toast for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? The answer to that question varies depending on your location: from $81K per year in India, to $290K in the UK, and a massive $891K in the United Arab Emirates (pre...