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This is a blog group for all topics related to Digital Bank Transformation, from incumbents to start-ups, to Wholesale and Investment banking. Technology is advancing like never before...this is a group for ensuring best practice is celebrated and shared.

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Suchit Poralla

Exploring the Connection Between Digital Transformation and Sustainability

Understanding the intersection between sustainability and digital transformation is becoming increasingly crucial for businesses looking to thrive in today's dynamic market landscape. Let's delve into...

08 Sep 2023
Alex Kreger

Financial Innovation Flourishes Only in Design-Mature Organizations

The digital world is evolving at a breathtaking pace. New technologies like generative AI, blockchain, embedded finance and the metaverse promise to fundamentally change the user experience, and those...

08 Aug 2023
Mousser Rahmouni

Fiat to Crypto Onramp: The Future of Cross-Border Payments with Crypto Remittance

In the evolving world of finance, the global remittance market appears to be on the edge of a significant shift, driven primarily by the increasing adoption of crypto-based transactions. Crypto remitt...

19 Jul 2023
Lisa Scott

How Fintechs can Partner with Banks - Challenges and Opportunities

Most fintechs want to partner with banks - but it’s easier said than done. While banks are more open than ever to collaborating with outside parties, fintechs struggle to comply with stringent standar...

10 Jul 2023
Padma Chukka

Generative AI: The Missing Piece in Financial Services Industry?

Just blink…out with the old ( ChatGPT …yup, almost already) and in with the (not so) new - Generative AI. So what is this Generative AI, really? First, think of it as a combination of Angel and devil'...

21 Apr 2023
Suchit Poralla

ChatGPT: Unlocking The Power Of AI To Transform Your Business

In a world where digital transformation is becoming increasingly important for organizations, leveraging the power of AI can be a game-changer. In this article, we explore how ChatGPT is unlocking the...

03 Feb 2023
Leon Gauhman

Three customer centric leadership lessons for pioneering financial services brands

Outgoing Salesforce President and former BT CEO Gavin Patterson’s call to UK boards to “get digitally literate” underlines a growing concern about the gap in digital skills and leadership at the top ...

07 Dec 2022
Artem Grigor

Next-Generation Credit Scoring

What is Credit Scoring Everyone will face Credit Scoring in their life, even if they never have to take out a loan. Credit Scoring originally came out of the need for banks and other lenders, to as...

02 Nov 2022
John Bertrand

Instant Payment Regulations

Within a month of each other, the UK Payment Systems Regulator (PSR) issued a consultation paper on Authorised Push Payment (APP) scams with the European Commission (EU) issuing a Proposal amending re...

31 Oct 2022
Suchit Poralla

The role of change management in a digital transformation

Organizations are under increasing pressure to digitally transform in order to remain competitive. However, digital transformation can be a complex and daunting process. Change management is essentia

17 Sep 2022

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