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This blog group aids to understand Cloud Migration and its related processes

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Nick Stephens

Software development challenges in Fintech: Part two

As outlined in part one, the complexities and challenges in Fintech are there for all to see. But so are the solutions. One of the groundbreaking changes in the Fintech industry has been the availabi...

13 Jul 2023
Yaniv Zecharya

Leveraging Multi-Cloud to Address Cloud Concentration Risk

Can there be too much of a good thing when it comes to the cloud? Cloud technology continues to bring great benefits to the financial services (FS) sector. Key advantages include improved business ...

04 May 2023
Scott Holman

Getting the maximum value from your cloud investments with FinOps

It has been a tough few years for businesses and consumers alike. Inflation is at a 40 year high across many developed countries, and governmental bodies, such as the Bank of England, are continuing t...

27 Apr 2023
Thomas Muth

Banks Can Have Confidence in Secure IT Modernization Strategies

There seems little doubt that most bankers and technologists now accept the need to modernize oftenarchaic IT infrastructure (or core systems) to deliver the latest technologies that customers today

09 Mar 2023
Amit Sinha

Cloud Operations and its Technology Implications

Abstract Customers are migrating from traditional data centers and adopting cloud to take advantage of the agility and scalability offered by public and private cloud services. This shift has led to a...

23 Feb 2023
Nelson Wootton

How a coexistence model can help banks reduce legacy complexity and enable modernisation

Recent years have seen a surge of new entrants into the banking sector – driven by the banking collapse in 2008, but also the advent of technology which has enabled new entrants to deliver innovative ...

21 Feb 2023

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