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Paul Fermor

UK Solutions Director at Software AG
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Bio Paul is UK Solutions Director for Software AG. He specialises in the solution of business problems with a rich data theme via the use of data analysis and system design, implementation and optimisation. Career History Paul has spent his career creating solutions for very large-scale data analysis and real-time processing in a variety of applications, ranging from medical imaging to capital markets trading. He holds a first-class honors degree and PhD in Physics from the University of Surrey.


Open Banking

How Open Banking spells opportunity for big banks to regain customer loyalty

27 Oct 2021

It’s been almost four years since the Payment Services Directive Two (PSD2) took effect. This new Open Banking legislation was rooted in the belief that enabling consumers to share their banking data with other financial providers would drive competition and result in better deals and services. More than three years down the road, it’s debatable w...