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Nigel Farmer

Industry Director, Capital Markets at Software AG
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Bio Nigel Farmer is the head of Capital Markets solutions at Software AG, responsible for the strategy,product management and marketing of solutions in areas such as Market Surveillance, Pre-Trade Risk, FX E-Commerce and Algorithmic Trading.



Are Smart Contracts getting smarter?

22 Nov 2016

Last week saw the second R3 smart contract template contract summit, following on from June’s summit and Barclays demonstration at the London O2 in April. Dr. Lee Braine from Barclays stated in April that what we saw would take time to build and that further industry collaboration would be required. So it’s good to see from the latest summit tha...


Data, Data Everywhere, nor any Knowledge to Gain

27 Oct 2016

The management, retention and reporting of huge data volumes is so onerous that many financial services firms are missing out on the value of this data; they are awash in a sea of data with nothing to drink. Banks are dealing with ever increasing volumes of data, from trading data to communications and social media, coming from many different sourc...


Capital Markets Firms Embrace Cloud Transformation

13 Oct 2016

Cloud adoption in capital markets is gathering momentum, led by the increasing acceptance of the cloud by regulators as well as cost cutting at financial services organizations. Indeed, regulators themselves are some of the enthusiastic adopters. Earlier this year the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) decided to host its MiFID II transaction rep...



How to Manage Your IT Spaghetti

29 Sep 2016

Achieving digital transformation becomes more complicated in large banks which are siloed in nature, have evolved and grown through acquisitions and have many legacy systems – or IT spaghetti. Maintenance of these IT systems consumes resources and budgets that can impede a firm’s ability to innovate, slowing down business transformation. So getting...