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Pavlo Farb

Security Engineer at Cossack Labs
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Digital Banking

How to build secure banking apps and digital wallets

14 Sep 2023

Thinkers always win, don't they? Industry leaders who think strategically and plan are more likely to achieve their goals. A product that meets user expectations, ensures safety of their assets and sensitive information is destined for success. Would you like to be the creator of an optimal solution that wins the market and the hearts of your user...

Digital Banking

Preventing Fraud in Digital Banks

31 Jul 2023

By offering a wide range of advantages over traditional payment methods, financial wallet applications are becoming increasingly popular both among customers and fraudsters. Only in 2021 e-wallet losses exceeded $10 billion. Cybercriminals use attacks of all types from phishing to SIM swapping to steal sensitive information or users’ assets from t...

Digital Banking

NFC and digital wallets: magic has security risks

28 Mar 2023

NFC devices provide users with another pair of wings to fly over daily routines, as they enable quick and easy contactless mobile payments and the use of e-tickets, mobile digital wallets, keycards, etc. instead of dealing with bulky stuff they substitute. The upsides are plain to see: wide availability, simplicity of use, platform versatility, se...


Security audit of smart contracts: verifying DeFi

13 Dec 2022

Once deployed, a lot of smart contracts cannot be easily changed. So, it would be wise to take a close look at potential weaknesses, exploits, and built-in mitigations when it’s not too late for changes. But look beyond the code. Smart contracts are immutable pieces of code that perform certain operations in blockchain networks or link different bl...